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Dispute Resolution
AIPBA is dedicated to helping resolve disputes among brokers, shippers & carriers. We investigate all complaints received by Broker, Shipper & Carrier/Independent Owner-Operator Members.
In the event that you were a party to a brokered transaction and you would like to seek the assistance of the AIPBA to help mediate a settlement, please submit the Online Dispute Resolution Request Form below for a case evaluation.
As a condition for AIPBA membership, AIPBA member brokers must  pledge "to conduct business in an ethical fashion with the utmost integrity." Members are made aware that AIPBA reserves the right to revoke AIPBA membership upon complaint or investigation on its own initiative and determination of unethical business practices at its sole discretion. 
As rates offered and accepted are a matter of contract between the two parties, we do not make judgments as to whether a rate paid was "unfair" or "inappropriate" or otherwise get involved in rate disputes unless the complainant can show prima facie evidence of accompanying deceptive business practices on the part of the hiring party.
In the event that your case involves an AIPBA member broker who did not pay a carrier or independent owner-operator for services rendered, AIPBA will hold the broker accountable under this policy and notify the FMCSA of any decision to revoke the broker's membership.
Please note we do not have jurisdiction over non-member brokers. If you are a shipper, carrier or independent owner-operator, it is therefore in your best interest to do business only with AIPBA member brokers. You may confirm a broker's active membership by calling (954) 253-5049.   If you do not use an AIPBA member broker, your recourse will be limited to filing a regulatory complaint with the FMCSA and/or claim with the broker's bonding company, and/or filing a lawsuit.
Online Dispute Resolution Form
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I have a dispute with a
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Details of my complaint/case...
AGREEMENT: I hereby certify that the details are true to the best of my knowledge and belief and that I am a dues paying member of AIPBA (either a Broker, Shipper, or Carrier/Independent Owner-Operator). I understand this is a free service for dues-paying members only that is limited to surface transportation on highway mode. I am requesting mediation and a mediator's proposed resolution. Finally, I understand this does not constitute binding arbitration.
Agreement accepted
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